How to start and market a bed bug extermination company

Overall a Pest control bed bug business is such a lucrative industry. Every year pest control earns business millions of dollars for treatments infested homes and commercial properties.

There are a few facts available for anyone who wants to venture into the pest control business. In the united states alone pests destroy food that can feed up to 200 million people annually.

Termites alone cause about $5 billion worth of damage. Rodents spread more than 200 human pathogens and half of all homes report having problems with ants and there are thousands if not millions of people always looking for bed bug exterminators near me. When you open a pest control business there are licensing, equipment and safety requirements as detailed by the local authorities.

Skill Setpest-control-van

You will need to possess a thorough understanding of the different kinds of pests affecting your area or region of operation. Alternatively, you can hire technicians and all other careers needed in a typical business.You’ll also need skills in operation monitoring of the dials, gauges, and other machine indicators during operations. The firm will need a proper understanding of the city health and safety codes, court procedures, agency rules and acceptable practices. Given the corrosive and hazardous nature of the pest control practices, a basic understanding of the first aid process is critical. You should also be able to make an estimate of the damage that the pests have done and put the proper interventions.

Equipment, Supplies, & Services

There are hundreds of items needed to successfully run a pest control business. Some of them include dusters, sprayers, granular spreaders and fogging equipment. There are other items that protect the technician during an operation. These include goggles, gloves, boots, and aprons. Besides these, you’ll need the tools and chemicals to use including vacuums, termite baiting tools, aerosol dispensers, professional rodenticides, as well as professional insecticides.

Regulatory Licenses

In addition to the basic licenses required for all business, there may be a number of licenses specific to pest control firms. Given that hazardous chemicals are involved most states have very strict regulation on pest control firms. There are licensing tests and training offered by regulatory bodies as a requirement before issuance or permits and licenses. You’ll need to apply for an insurance cover for all your technicians. Depending on your state you might need a certification for the department of industrial relations. Yo will also need to obtain chemicals storage facilities that are approved by the state agencies.

Day-to-Day Operations

You can run it as a typical business on an 8-5 schedule. However, you might
have to work extra hours given that some client might only be available after 5pm. There are also
establishments that only allow you in after they close for the day. Make sure your operation lasts not more than 2 hours. The average start-up costs for a pest control firm will be about $10,000 to $50,000. The pest control business can be very profitable such that you can make up to $75,000 annually in profits. You will need to have a professionally done business plan and company profile to guide your operations and projections.

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