Tips for marketing yachts

We have several clients that are yacht owners and we often get asked to take on new ones however our policy here at Medina Portal is that we only work with one client per industry. So in order to compensate we decided to put this shot guide together of useful marketing tips for yachts.

In reality marketing for yachts is not that different that marketing in any other industry with the exception that the idea audience is different. Before you get started it’s important to have a plan and think things through.


  1. Business 066Have a plan – Before you begin to do anything you need to have a plan. Decide on how you will spend your advertising money and what mediums you will use to reach your audience. Will you be using print media or an outreach program to other yacht owners or will most of the advertising be on the digital side.
  2. Find your ideal client – Most companies make the mistake of not knowing who their ideal client is and where they are located and because of this they have a harder time maximizing their efforts and end up spending more money that usual. For example: If your ideal client is 50+ business owner then you need to find out where they are at, what they like, what hobbies, dislikes they have, etc… This will help you use the proper medium to reach your audience on their terms.
  3. Experiment – Do not just stick to one type of advertising. In the beginning it might be a bit tough to determine what works so it’s a good idea to experiment and gather data so that you can have a clear picture of what the market dictates.